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The biggest lesson I am learning is to trust. Trust in yourself, in the Universe and most importantly that everything has a time.

And everything you are wishing and working towards IS coming.

So with trust must come patience, but with trust patience gets easier, because the waiting does not feel in vain. There is no reason to stress or feel lost..

Have I lost you?


Dear ones, life can be a challenge but we can and must begin to find the light and the joy in everything.

With a bit of this joy we find the suka – the ease in life’s challenges. If we wish, ask or indeed need more patience, life doesn’t simply give us patience, it instead gives us opportunities to practice patience. Tricky.. But joyous!

So go out today and look for the opportunities and little challenges that life is sending your way and meet them with grace and ease and joy!

Be grateful for today and TRUST

So be it!

One breath at a time, we’ve got this.

there is

nothing left

to worry about

the sun and her flowers are here

–  Rupi Kaur

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