The Mastery of Love


I am coming through a time of flux. Flux in matters of the heart.

They say in life you have 3 loves.

Your first love breaks your heart.

Your second love you learn from.

Your third love is your forever love.

I am coming through the final stages of my second love and BOY have I grown.

It is a funny process. You grieve! But you rejoice. You prevail. You feel confused but you learn that confusion is the last ploy our mind grips on to to stop us living our truth. And then you do! You dare to start living your truth. Our true nature is love and fucking hell I’m closer than I’ve ever been to knowing love.

You dare to dream of more. That all you’ve ever wanted is out there waiting for you and what’s more is that you are actually deserving of it! You come out of one love and straight into another more intense love. A love for yourself. Someone you now know a lot more intimately. Someone who is brave and mighty and courageous and loving and honest and true and trusting and more importantly knowing that her love is true and abundant and willing and wanting to be shared with the world. With all.

I am here now with a big heart full of pure gratitude. Golden gratitude for my second love.

I am here now and I choose to let go. To let go of our past. And to choose to step into our now and to our future. I shall go with grace, consciously with one breath at a time.

With love and gratitude and grace,

I let you and our past, GO. xox

The small become the mighty, courageous and brave. Truth and justice now prevail.

In the grace of the Mother, I am safe. I am ready for all that I need to face.

I gain strength from my heart, trust in the bigger plan. Step by step on my path her grace shows me the way.

To grow and succeed, all assistance I receive. My success is assured, my power has matured.

Through the divine grace of Kuan Yin, who loves me unconditionally – SO BE IT

– Alana Fairchild

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