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Option C


Let’s start this again. Shall we? Or not.

Is there another option?

There always is. It’s not a matter of a or b. Yes or no. You v me. It’s now about option C!

Option C looks a little bit like slowing down. It looks like stopping and listening. Asking and feeling. It’s about what you want to do and not what you should do. It’s about stepping out of line. It’s about speaking out. It’s really about waking up and remembering that there’s another way to be. Option C.

I read a qoute today that said the reason we fear change so much is because we focus on what we have to lose, not on all that we have to gain. This is simple. Not easy. Big difference.

Were we really happy ‘before’? Were we striving? I wasn’t.

We’re living in such an interesting time and what we’re still doing is screaming into the void. Pointing fingers. Shifting blame. Victimising ourselves. If it’s the ‘others’ fault then I don’t have to wake up and take any responsibility for my life, my happiness or lack there of. I can sit in my struggle and don’t have to risk stepping into my light, my inner heart. I don’t have to risk choosing love and joy.

What are we so scared of? Why is it easier to suffer? To keep our heads down and eyes tightly shut. We’re scared of shining light into our darkness. But I really dont know why.

WHY is it so hard to chose to wake up everyday and choose happiness? Isn’t that what were all searching for? If it’s as simple as that then why isnt it easy? Why does negativity feed us so much more than positivity? We crave it. Were addicted to twitter arguments and bad news and injustice. The world has gone up in flames and we cant get enough. Why do we choose this path?

Why do we add and consume so much negativity? Why dont we choose our energy more wisely?

It’s like consciously choosing to eat shitty fast food everyday when we could be fueling our bodies with fresh fruit and veg? Why are we addicted to sabataging ourselves?

This morning I was doing Yoga With Adriene’s ‘Yoga for after a Disaster’. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done this video. I cant tell you how many disasters I’ve had. Personal, global, big, small. What she says is in the time of a disaster our instinct is to add to the negativity. We share negative energy out into the ethos in the form of worry, concern, prayer. We LOVE to add fuel to the fire. Our intentions are golden don’t get me wrong but our execution is pants! What we need to do is send love and joy and positivity. So why don’t we?

Becuase of the ego. Our egos are out of control at this stage. When we are born into this life we go through a separation. We forget our true selves. Love, inner heart, nous, our soul whatever you what to call it. We attach to an outer ego. The ‘I am’. It separates us from the soul and from everyone around us. It’s the ego that thrives on negativity and fear in order to cling to some control. We have feed it so much, were dealing with monsters here. We have lost all control. We have lost all connection to our heart and bodies. We are living in a state of fight, flee, freeze in our minds. We are running around desperately looking everywhere for some peace. The only place weve forgotten to look is inside our selves. Deep inside. Past this huge ego, deep down in the centre of our hearts. This is where the answers are. This is the start for us. This is option C.

” We are all one…

Only egos, beliefs and fears separate us.”

  • Nikola Tesla

Separation – in our current state, society, we see ourselves as different to everyone. Them v us. You v me. That’s wrong. I’m right. No no no! What is key, what weve forgotten is we are all one, we are all related. The more I hate you and judge you the more I hate and judge myself and all were giving the earth is hate, judgement, negativity and it’s a vicious, vicious cycle. What will it take to stop? Pause and breathe and send love and joy and positivity to your enemy, to yourself to the whole world and let us finally come up for air and be at peace and know true love and start this healing process.

All it takes is a tiny step. A little shift.

A moment right now. So pause. Right now. Take a deep breath. Inhale a whole lot of love and exhale a whole lot of love. Send it to your enemies. Send it to your loved ones. Send it to every corner of the world. Watch it come back around to you. Eat, sleep repeat. Everyday practice sending love. It’s simple and with a little practice it’s easy.

Loads of love and light


‘We are all leaves of the one tree.

We are all waves of the one sea.’

-Thich Nhat Hanh

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