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Mothers’ Nature


Tonight there is a new moon in Leo. This brings about a shift in energy.

Times like this can feel like New Year’s, or your birthday.

A refresh, a rebirth. A rethink maybe, about what you want and what you’re doing and how you’re doing.

Ask yourself now. How am I doing and then act accordingly.

Now there’s one things this global pandemic has blessed me with and that is a lot of time with some of the best women in my life. Gran, my aunt Patsy, my mam Anne and last but not least my little girl, Moo. (dog) And I have nothing but gratitude and love for these women and our connection and it’s got me thinking.

There’s a shift coming, you know. A powerful shift. Actually it’s happening, right now. And there’s nothing more powerful, healing and transformative than women. The matriarchy is here to save us. Who are the ones leading the way, adding the most and coming in at the 11th hour to save the world from oblivion. That’s right – women.

Be in Greta Thunberg, Jacinda Ardern, Adriene Mishler, Rupi Kaur, Angela Davis, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Kamala Harris… the future is here and yes it is female.

There is nothing like women coming together, working together, getting things done. Our (patriarchal) society  is designed to pit us against eachother. It forces us to focus on the outer appearence. It has taken our value and made it surface. It has taken our power and replaced it with unachieveable beauty standards. We have been on a hamster wheel to ‘perfection’ going nowhere fast. We have been in an instagram prison and we have forgotten our own purpose, magic, destiny. To change the world – and this time for the better!

To heal, to nurture, to love, Mother Nature is just getting started. When we connect, commune, come together with clear intention and open hearts then She is ready to bless us with all the gifts she’s got to give. The world will be our oyster. Utopia is here.

Always, things have to get worse before they can get better. Other wise things stay the same and we have no need, no want, no impetus to improve. This is called coasting. We have been coasting for far too long. We have been blindly consuming and expelling and abusing ourselves and the earth. We have been insular, in it for ourselves, disconnected.

That is why things have had to get this bad. We weren’t listening, we weren’t willing to learn and grow. We were complacent. We were coasting.

We now no longer have a choice. We’ve literally been locked in our homes in order to give the world a chance. We have started listening and looking and most importantly actually seeing and hearing all that has been going on this whole time that we were blind to. That we chose to be blind to.

No more. Embrace this new moon. Take this energy. Set intentions. Open your heart. Breathe deep. Get ready, cause She is here and She means business.

Love yourself


Who runs the world?


– Beyonce

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