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How to be present in life


None of us live in the present moment. We live in our minds which are full of past problems and future stories. They distract us from life, from our breath which is our conversation with our higher selves.

We have forgotten to be present. We have forgotten how to be present. It seems simple yet it is not easy. Being present is simply focusing, softly on our breath. Following, watching, observing the very life force that holds us in the here and now. In this reality. Not in the fear of what’s to come or of regret or longing for what was. It knows us without our names or ages or identities. It sees our very being, light, bright, deep inside. It honours us. We honour ourselves.

I am the bread of life.

I am IS the bread of life.

I am is being present. I am only exists in this very moment. In the present. I am.

Breath is connection. It is simplicity. It is present. It is our life. Breath is the reason for being. Breath is experience. Breath is happening every second of everyday. We must remember to observe it. To participate in it. To deepen it. To know it and love it. To commune with ourselves. To appreciate the life force and let it flow freely and nourish and feed every cell of our body and every moment of our lives. I am.

I am breath. I am the rise and fall. The ebb and flow of the waves on the beach. The rustle of the leaves on the tree. The whistle of the wind in the air. The rush of the flowing river. The sigh of a sleeping dog. The roar of the lion. The dance of the flowers. The flap of a wing. The flutter of a butterfly. The buzz of a bee. The silence of the moments here and in-between.

Gratitude is key. Cultivate it. Plant the seed of graciousness and let it bloom and flourish. Feed the tiny flicker of gratitude in your heart until it grows and breaks you open. Let it pour over everything you see. You touch. You own. Know is intimately. Have gratitude and watch your life expand and slow and see and know the meaning of I am present.

I am here.

Practice it so it is conscious. You have woken up. There is no more sleep. There is no more turning away. You have chosen this path, no turning back. So choose it and it becomes easy.

Get over yourself and you get out of your way. And the path ahead is safe and free and present and exactly where you are meant to be.

Know yourself. Spend time with yourself beyond your thoughts. Look into your eyes and study them. Let them study you. Let yourself feel the life within you at this moment. Close your eyes and start to feel all the subtleties of I am.

Get to know other people. Look into their eyes, hear their voice, watch the rise and fall of their breath. Breathe with them. Hold space for them. See them. Speak with your heart. Have no expectations. Have no thoughts. No edits. No need for improvements.

Dare to exist here and now. One breath at a time.

“Forever is composed of nows.”

-Emily Dickinson

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