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Inner World


This past year has been tough – no lie! A lot of people have lost, a lot. I see their grief and pain and send them love and light.

For me – I have nothing but gratitude for all that has been stripped of me. The world was moving very fast. Out of control. We were running and running and running on empty. We were running from our hearts, from our quiet – from ourselves.

The world needed to be stopped. It needed this pause. This surrender to the elements. We were held at the mercy of nature. We were humbled and we were asked to be still and stay home. We cultivated new ways of being in this world. We turned to reading and cooking and we returned to nature. We got outside again. We spent time in our parks. We walked. We became still.

I found that once all the ‘stuff’ was stripped away – I was left with everything I’ve ever needed. I learnt once and for all the truth I had always suspected – that the outside world – all the noise, all the ‘stuff’, the image, the status, everything I have been striving for, was meaningless. Held no value. No truth. It couldn’t make me happy. What we really truly want can only be found when we stop and go in.

My inner world is richer now than ever. I am grateful beyond words.

It is a tricky journey in, but it is the only journey worth taking.

Our true purpose here on earth is to simply experience. Our thoughts are not our own. Our emotions are not to be feared. Just lean into them, experience them and then they melt away. We are not definied by our thoughts and emotions. We are also not defined by our titles and our names. The only true constant – is our true, authentic self. It is the moment between breaths, is the quietening of the mind, is the warm feeling in our hearts, it is the peace we find when we remember to come up and in –  to remove oursleves from the chaos every now and then and simply be. We are love. We are nature. We are all one. We are all related. Ellie doesn’t really exist. I am much more and much older than Ellie. She will soon be gone. I am eternal. I am love. I am easy. I am light. I am you. I am everthing and nothing.

We are anthropos – meaning we are all fully human and fully divine. We are Ellie, experiencing this life, this story, whilst also being our true self, being the breath, being love – being the I am. Embody them both fully! Get lost in your story while always remaining aware of your heart beat and the divine in you.

The ego will try to keep us rooted in delusion – ‘Maya’ – our story, our drama, our heads – full of thoughts and worries and fears. It will try to convince us that they are real. They are not. This is all an illusion. It is nothing. The truth is we are so much more. We are divine. We are love. We are here to experience life, not be defined by it. Lean in, but do it from your heart. Remain aware of your divinity always. Practise stillness. Do yoga, meditate, light candles, create sacred spaces where you can be truly present in the now and remember to return inwards.

Your inner world – your heart, holds everything you’ve ever needed and more. So much more peace, love and joy than you ever thought possible.

Let the ego die as the main runner of the show. Love, being, runs the show. The ego can be our friend once we show it who’s boss. We can then enjoy the ride without attactments and fears and strife. Just experience.

Cultivate your inner world!

My intention today is to spread peace and love from my heart to yours. I ask that we all remember to be still and to know our true selves. To pause. That we begin to cultivate true relationships with our divine selves and then act accordingly, from our hearts.

With all my love and all my light, to you.


“Every nature, every modelled form, every creature, exists in and with each other.”

The Gospel of Mary Magdalene 2:2

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