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Prayer of Love

Bog Train


Anxiety is a word so commonly used these days that it seems to transcend any real meaning. We’re always anxious about something it seems. I’m talking about in a banal sense, in day to day life.

What is it? What exactly are we experiencing in the mind and body that leads us to say I’m anxious. Is it the heart beating fast? Is it the deep sense of uncertainty? The feeling of instability and looming doom? Personally, I recognise this feeling merely physically, but why does it mean anxious? Why does this feeling have a negative connotation for me? Why are we suffering?

What are feelings? They are merely energy or prana – vital life force coursing through our body. Why is it that we attach a good or bad to them. What is our need to label and create a story and thus take ownership of our feelings. They are not us. They are not permanent. They are fleeting. They are momentary. Unless of course, we attach them to ourselves, to our story, our personality. Unless of course, we begin to identity through them. I am anxious. What message does this send out to the world, to others and indeed to ourselves? I am feeling anxious – grand. It will pass. It is neither good or bad. It just is. And it has nothing to do with the ‘I am’.

We all come to this life with a great wound to heal. The first hurt – separation. From ourselves, from the truth and from each other. Our life journey is to remember, to heal and to unite. To transcend the duality of the maya – delusion of this life and to return inwards and unite with the truth that is always there within us. We know it, we just don’t always know we know it.

We seems to cling to some birthright, that suffering is mandatory. That our dreams are always a little out of reach, that we can’t have everything in life, that we’re not worthy of it all. We seem to own the idea that life is hard and  we either put our heads down, start building the walls around us and battle on or we regress completely, become victim to life and leave our feeling bodies altogether. But there is always a third option.

Once we remember that actually life can be whatever we want it to be and that we deserve everything we want – once we stop taking things so personally, once we stop attaching ourselves to every outcome, once we stop worrying about how we’re perceived by others, never coming to know or show our true authentic selves – then we can engage with our divine selves, with the universe and really start to create and experienced everything we could ever dream of – everything we know we are worthy of – all the love and joy and ease and peace in the world, and more!

This third option is always available to us. It is not £10000 away, or 2st away, or after we become enlightened, or after we complete 30 days of yoga. It has no monetary value. All the money in the world won’t buy us the right to this third option, no guru, no hierarchy, no religion can grant it to us.

It’s free. It’s here. It’s available right now for you and for me. It’s but a moment away. It’s a choice away. And every second of our lives, choice after choice we can live it. We can experience it. We are only love. Our natural state is love.

Love is not hard. It is not unavailable. Love is love is love. It is wonderful.

So today my prayer is that you can begin the journey anew today. That your next choice is one of love. Choose option c, breathe really deeply, love abundantly and freely, know your worth, shine your light, know your true authentic self and enjoy this gift of life!

 “True love is the natural energy of our settled mind.”

Meggan Watterson

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