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Ancestral Healing


We are born into this world wild and free. As conscious individuals. Sole. Unique. Complex. Part of a family, yes, but independently whole. What we are not so consciously aware of however is that our individuality, our complexity is made up of thousands and thousands of years of fears, hopes, dreams, traumas, anger, resentment, joy from the long line of our people who came before us. Our own ancestors. It’s in our blood. Written into our DNA. A present or a curse passed down from generation to generation. The story of us was written a long time ago and it is something we will in turn pass down to our children.

The good, the bad and the ugly. We learn our ways from our parents, who learnt it from their parents and so on.

We are born with prerequisite burdens, fears, obstacles. That being said though we don’t need to own or accept these as our own and continue the cycle. We have choice. We ALWAYS have choice. We do not have to carry anyone else’s pain or fear or anger. Even if it is embedded deep in our bones. We don’t have to carry any negative ancestral karma and make the same mistakes as our ancestors have been making for years.

The first step in healing and freeing ourselves from this long line of karmic cosmos is simply recognition. Name it!

We all have stories. Losses, injustices, pains, sorrows, traumas. But they are no more than that – stories. We either become defined by these stories and carry them around with us day after day, reliving and re-feeling these pains. Or we realise that they are outside ourselves. We are much more than these. We can simply lay them down and let them go and carry on with a lesser load. This might sound more easily said than done but no, sometimes things really are as easy as waking up, naming it and making a different choice. A BETTER choice to stop playing out the same story and to start dreaming, expecting, attracting and living a better one.

If an eagle is born into a family of chickens he will never learn to fly. He will never know his true potential. Untrue. An eagle is an eagle regardless of his story. He was born to soar. And so are we. No matter your circumstances, your limitations, your load, you were meant to soar. We all have it in us. It’s what we were born to do. We have to simply let go of our stories, look inside and see our true potential. Unhindered with any ancestral karma and dare to dream.

It is about letting go and trusting in the greater picture and not getting bogged down with the day to day because sooner rather than later if you trust in yourself and your dreams and the power and safety of the universe, your day to day will never bog you down again.

The universe is of us and for us. It only wants the best for us if we simply allow it. Imagine this is true. Imagine you were safe to put your complete trust in it and know that if you let go of fear and trust and allow, the universe is there to have your back. This is true! This is so true. If you take conscious action in accordance with the universe and with your evolution, success is assured.

The hardest thing for us is change. Taking action to dig oursleves out of our holes and soar. But it is assured if only we take the first step.

This is what I hope for you today. That you find the courage to take the first step. To let go of all your fears – your story and just trust. Allow. Surrender. BE at peace. Take action towards your dreams without hesitation. Start to manifest your new life free from burden and pain. Find joy in the everyday. Even if things are hard and your pain is weighing, there is still a speck of light in your heart. Feed it. Feed it feed it feed it. Watch your light grow and your life change. I wish for you only JOY.

Breathe Be Beam.

“When we heal ourselves, we heal the past, the present, and the future.”

– Steven D. Farmer

The Mastery of Love


I am coming through a time of flux. Flux in matters of the heart.

They say in life you have 3 loves.

Your first love breaks your heart.

Your second love you learn from.

Your third love is your forever love.

I am coming through the final stages of my second love and BOY have I grown.

It is a funny process. You grieve! But you rejoice. You prevail. You feel confused but you learn that confusion is the last ploy our mind grips on to to stop us living our truth. And then you do! You dare to start living your truth. Our true nature is love and fucking hell I’m closer than I’ve ever been to knowing love.

You dare to dream of more. That all you’ve ever wanted is out there waiting for you and what’s more is that you are actually deserving of it! You come out of one love and straight into another more intense love. A love for yourself. Someone you now know a lot more intimately. Someone who is brave and mighty and courageous and loving and honest and true and trusting and more importantly knowing that her love is true and abundant and willing and wanting to be shared with the world. With all.

I am here now with a big heart full of pure gratitude. Golden gratitude for my second love.

I am here now and I choose to let go. To let go of our past. And to choose to step into our now and to our future. I shall go with grace, consciously with one breath at a time.

With love and gratitude and grace,

I let you and our past, GO. xox

The small become the mighty, courageous and brave. Truth and justice now prevail.

In the grace of the Mother, I am safe. I am ready for all that I need to face.

I gain strength from my heart, trust in the bigger plan. Step by step on my path her grace shows me the way.

To grow and succeed, all assistance I receive. My success is assured, my power has matured.

Through the divine grace of Kuan Yin, who loves me unconditionally – SO BE IT

– Alana Fairchild




The biggest lesson I am learning is to trust. Trust in yourself, in the Universe and most importantly that everything has a time.

And everything you are wishing and working towards IS coming.

So with trust must come patience, but with trust patience gets easier, because the waiting does not feel in vain. There is no reason to stress or feel lost..

Have I lost you?


Dear ones, life can be a challenge but we can and must begin to find the light and the joy in everything.

With a bit of this joy we find the suka – the ease in life’s challenges. If we wish, ask or indeed need more patience, life doesn’t simply give us patience, it instead gives us opportunities to practice patience. Tricky.. But joyous!

So go out today and look for the opportunities and little challenges that life is sending your way and meet them with grace and ease and joy!

Be grateful for today and TRUST

So be it!

One breath at a time, we’ve got this.

there is

nothing left

to worry about

the sun and her flowers are here

–  Rupi Kaur

One Step at a Time


It has been said before but never has it been more relevant to me than now. If I look at life – which I have always tended to do – as one epic problem to be solved, one story to be told, one choice to be made, I get very overwhelmed and as a result become aloof and just keep drifting on by. In reality life is made of a million moments, choices, stories – each of which you have complete control over. So when you start to break it down, really down to each moment, each breath, life is a breeze!

Ive recently been introduced to the, in my opinion, life changing and empowering realitiy that everything really is in our control. Life happens for us, not to us. It is your reaction to things and not the things themselves that shape us and our stories.

If you wake up in the morning a bit groggy and tired and you get out of bed and on the way to the toilet you bang your toe on the door, this has the power to determine your mood and your experiences for the rest of the day and beyond. You go straight to blame and victim hood. Fuck this! Why me? And thus as it is written, so it shall be. Your day snowballs from there and you have one of those ‘life’s not fair’ days! Sounds familiar? BUT if you take a mili second to stop and remember that you have the control here you can easily breath, laugh and then watch your day change for the better. This applies to every single interaction you have.

If you meet someone rude who is clearly in a bad mood, you have the control! You do not have to let this infect you. You again have the control.

Control is something most people are striving for. And control is also something most people think is not afforded to them. Especially in the life of a budding actress. I became resigned to the fact that control was something I could never again have. I actively gave my control away to an industry! I put the precious, fragile, beautiful story of my life into the hands of uninterested men. And I did this completely voluntarily. I in turn gave any responsibility for my own life away too. The only part for me to play then was victim. He won’t hire me, she doesn’t like me, I can’t because of  them! This is a dangerous place to live.

Luckily I then woke up and realised the ONLY person responsible for my life is ME! Shocker! And a scary but exciting and completely empowering thought.

And it turns out it’s not actually that hard. When you make a choice to live consciously and take your control and your power back you jump straight into the flow of life and great things come easily and frequently. You get out of your own way and allow life’s miracles to bless you!

So here I am, not professing to have it all sussed out but actively trying to take life as beautiful moments and with one breath at a time, make choices to make my life great!

It is not life, but our relationship to life that makes us suffer. – Anne Mullane

Who am I?


I’m Ellie. I’m Irish. I’m 25 years old.

I moved to London almost 5 years ago to train at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts. The plan was to further pursue my love of musical theatre. As like all things, plans and indeed loves change.

Along my very rocky journey through drama school and out the other side – becoming an adult in an unforgiving city and indeed industry – I found yoga and meditation and the rest as they say is history!

This is one of many steps I’m taking down the path of spirituality. My quest to find and live in our true state of love, has become my new love. I’m currently in the very infant stages of my new life and I don’t yet know where it’s going to lead but as of now I’m just happy to jump straight in and see where it goes!

Please feel free to follow along my epic journey that is life.

Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self. – The Bhagavad Gita

The Journey Begins


Thanks for joining me!

I’ve decided to start writing. For me and hopefully for you too!

I have recently come back to London after completing my Yoga Teacher Training in Goa, India. Settling back into my usual fast paced, stress filled, angry London life has been a challenge to say the least!

So here I am, actively trying to navigate London life with a very different approach – consciously and with one breath at a time.

So welcome and I hope this is the start of a very peaceful, rewarding journey!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton