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Ancestral Healing


We are born into this world wild and free. As conscious individuals. Sole. Unique. Complex. Part of a family, yes, but independently whole. What we are not so consciously aware of however is that our individuality, our complexity is made up of thousands and thousands of years of fears, hopes, dreams, traumas, anger, resentment, joy from the long line of our people who came before us. Our own ancestors. It’s in our blood. Written into our DNA. A present or a curse passed down from generation to generation. The story of us was written a long time ago and it is something we will in turn pass down to our children.

The good, the bad and the ugly. We learn our ways from our parents, who learnt it from their parents and so on.

We are born with prerequisite burdens, fears, obstacles. That being said though we don’t need to own or accept these as our own and continue the cycle. We have choice. We ALWAYS have choice. We do not have to carry anyone else’s pain or fear or anger. Even if it is embedded deep in our bones. We don’t have to carry any negative ancestral karma and make the same mistakes as our ancestors have been making for years.

The first step in healing and freeing ourselves from this long line of karmic cosmos is simply recognition. Name it!

We all have stories. Losses, injustices, pains, sorrows, traumas. But they are no more than that – stories. We either become defined by these stories and carry them around with us day after day, reliving and re-feeling these pains. Or we realise that they are outside ourselves. We are much more than these. We can simply lay them down and let them go and carry on with a lesser load. This might sound more easily said than done but no, sometimes things really are as easy as waking up, naming it and making a different choice. A BETTER choice to stop playing out the same story and to start dreaming, expecting, attracting and living a better one.

If an eagle is born into a family of chickens he will never learn to fly. He will never know his true potential. Untrue. An eagle is an eagle regardless of his story. He was born to soar. And so are we. No matter your circumstances, your limitations, your load, you were meant to soar. We all have it in us. It’s what we were born to do. We have to simply let go of our stories, look inside and see our true potential. Unhindered with any ancestral karma and dare to dream.

It is about letting go and trusting in the greater picture and not getting bogged down with the day to day because sooner rather than later if you trust in yourself and your dreams and the power and safety of the universe, your day to day will never bog you down again.

The universe is of us and for us. It only wants the best for us if we simply allow it. Imagine this is true. Imagine you were safe to put your complete trust in it and know that if you let go of fear and trust and allow, the universe is there to have your back. This is true! This is so true. If you take conscious action in accordance with the universe and with your evolution, success is assured.

The hardest thing for us is change. Taking action to dig oursleves out of our holes and soar. But it is assured if only we take the first step.

This is what I hope for you today. That you find the courage to take the first step. To let go of all your fears – your story and just trust. Allow. Surrender. BE at peace. Take action towards your dreams without hesitation. Start to manifest your new life free from burden and pain. Find joy in the everyday. Even if things are hard and your pain is weighing, there is still a speck of light in your heart. Feed it. Feed it feed it feed it. Watch your light grow and your life change. I wish for you only JOY.

Breathe Be Beam.

“When we heal ourselves, we heal the past, the present, and the future.”

– Steven D. Farmer

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