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Self Love


I’m sitting here, waiting to go to a Yin Yoga class after a very busy, physical day at work. In January no one is interested in restorative, ‘easy’ class. There is a sort of unspoken ‘New Year, New Me’ pressure to get fit. And sweat. And feel the burn. And dare I say – punish ourselves. We hate ourselves for over indulging at Christmas and now we must pay with hard, strenuous exercise and salad for lunch!

There is always an inner need for self improvement and we are never happy with oursleves as we are. Now this can be a great thing, sure, and exercise is important, of course, BUT what if you were enough right now. I mean, really enough. What if you were ready for your perfect life now and not when you’re 10 pounds lighter or when you’re £30,000 richer or whatever it is you strive for.

Just sit and think about this for a second. It’s true and it’s quite freeing.

Now self love is a journey, believe me! And I’m not suggesting there’s a magic word and suddenly now you look in the mirror and love what you see. But actually you as you are have everything you need already. You do. Anything you want to achieve you can without anymore ‘self work’. Everything you’ve achieved up until now you’ve managed to achieve so just keep going. Stop punishing yourself, stop making excuses and stop, for god’s sake, WAITING. Waiting for the perfect time or the perfect body or bank account or enlightenment or whatever.

I hope this is as revolutionary for you as it is for me. It’s freeing!

It’s also terrifying. There are no more excuses. There is nothing left to blame. There is no more room for settling or laziness. There’s only me and my life and I either start to show up now or I don’t. Easy as that.

So tonight I’m going to Yin Yoga to relax and breathe and feed my soul with the present and let my thinking mind take a well earned break. I’m treating myself and my few extra pounds to some self love. And compassion. Because the people in this life we are hardest on is ourselves. And we are crying out for some compassion so fake it until you make it guys. Treat yourself now. Love yourself now. Have compassion for yourself and watch yourself bloom.

Breathe a lot of love in, and a whole lot of love out.

Jai Namaste

The ready in me, bows to the ready in you!

Let’s do this!


Accepting yourself unconditionally & wanting to grow is very different to disliking & rejecting parts of yourself.

You are perfect just as you are.

– Kuan Yin

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